Wednesday , 8 July 2020

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So Blessed!

People returning from holidays, people who had not been for well over a year, and many regulars and irregulars – we hardly noticed there was anyone missing, though Marcus was out preaching, Rob at a festival, Stephanie with car problems, James and Amanda and family away…. If others of our regulars had been here, it would have been rather tight! ... Read More »


  What a stunning time this morning. Once again, with a number of people away, we were expecting a very small number. But Marcus was back, and Rob is now with us regularly, and Daniel was also with us for a second week. Plus several regulars. The presence of God in the praise time was awesome, and Rob relating a ... Read More »

More New Faces!

New faces – we love to see new people joining us, whilst appreciating that not everyone is going to commit into the fellowship, and the vision the Lord has given us. But it was so good to have Rob with us. Rob phoned during the week, asking if there was room for him. Room? I thought that maybe he would ... Read More »

Body Ministry!

  If we say that Jesus is Lord, then we should allow the Spirit to move freely, and not have an order of service carved out in stone, so to speak. Who has a word? What shall we sing? Which gifts of the Holy Spirit should be in operation? If we say that Jesus is Lord, then we need to ... Read More »

Occasional Visitors!

Occasional visitors, and people we have not seen for a while, are always welcome. Representatives of both groups were with us, and helped fill the room. Such praise. Such worship – because we have such a Lord in Jesus, and such a wonderful Heavenly Father. Sheila gave the interpretation to a tongue, and many prayed and gave words of testimony, ... Read More »


People were generally back from holidays, and Billy and Wendy back from sorting out property in France, and Barry H largely better from the most debilitating back trouble. We praised and praised, though it was somewhat subdued, until suddenly…… Billy said he felt like exploding with praise, and then Malcolm said he did too. And so suddenly, we took off! ... Read More »

Father’s Day!

It was Father’s Day, and one couple found family arrangements impinged upon their church time; another couple are in France sorting out a late brother’s property; another was ill; another was preaching in Norwich…. but the children were with us, which is always delightful.   Thank you to Stephanie for leading us in breaking bread, and to everyone present for ... Read More »

Jesus is Lord!

There were no children last Sunday! Missed them, but so many other people came. Thank you to Bob for leading praise and worship, and for so many people contributing, moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit as per 1 Corinthians 12, with testimony, prayer, etc. interspersed. Thank you Billy for leading us in breaking bread. If we say that ... Read More »

Well Done, Charlie!

I am not sure quite how old Charlie is (cries of ‘shame’!), but I guess he is around 11. He asked this morning if he could say something about the breaking of bread, and distribute it together with his two sisters. After a time of praise, worship and prayer, and various gifts of the Holy Spirit, Charlie quietly explained that ... Read More »

More Chairs!

We seem to be going through a time when we need to bring in extra chairs each Sunday. What a lovely problem! We ask the Holy Spirit to come amongst us, and there is a wonderful; sense of the presence of God. Praise, worship, harmonising, tongues…. Thank you James for leading us in breaking bread, assisted by the children, and ... Read More »

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