It’s about time!

IT’S ABOUT TIME – that I started writing here again! Most of you know that our plans have not gone the way we had intended recently. The computer would not give me access to add posts here. Now, a new operating system has been installed. Many of my contacts have vanished completely (you may not get a Christmas card from us this year), but I can put posts on this site.

Wendy and I had a touring holiday of the Outer Hebrides planned, with hotels and ferries booked. Wendy became quite ill with an infection, and when it got worse, the doctor thought it might be far more serious. Everything was cancelled. Then, praise the Lord, the hospital brought reassuring news. All is well.

Liberty met as previously planned. Our holiday meant it was being hosted at Catfield, and with Wendy’s illness, that went ahead.

Thank you to Shirlene for hosting (and providing cooked lunch for all each week), to Michelle for organising, and to those who led worship, spoke, led communion, and contributed and participated in various ways. And to all who attended the mid-week prayer meetings. This is Bible church!

Next Sunday, 4th June, we meet here in Frettenham again, and before that, the first of our next series of Bible studies is this Thursday 1st June, at Catfield. 2pm, and we will be studying James 1.1-4.

Also next Sunday, a regional meeting at Binham Village Hall at 4pm. At the last meeting, Wendy was given £242 with the instruction to seek the Lord as to where she should give it. Want to know what she did? – be at Binham.

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