Friday , 18 October 2019

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The Piano Man!

It was so good to have Alan ‘Piano’ Smith with us, leading worship and speaking. Last time Alan came to us, we had over a foot of snow. This time we had a tremendous deluge of rain. We had a good room full of people, but Shirlene, slightly under the weather, felt the roads would be too bad (and were), ... Read More »

We Prayed Them In!

A week ago Sunday, Wendy and I were worshipping in a Dutch church in a strongly Islamic area of Amsterdam. It was so different from what we are used to, but part of our Christian commitment is to identify with, and join with, church, wherever we are on a Sunday. And other days too, if possible. It was good to ... Read More »

What a Time!

Not so many people, but what a time of praise, worship, testimony, prayer….. We spent time looking at Psalm 121. The hills around Jerusalem might have looked strong – but the LORD Who created them is far stronger. He alone is the answer to life’s problems, and He never fails. There was testimony to this. Thank you to all you ... Read More »


The room was not so full as it has been in recent weeks, but many of the core people were present, and from the very start, the Spirit seemed to come down upon and among us. Following a testimony of healing, and of someone else being baptised in the Holy Spirit, there was a tongue, an interpretation and a prophecy. ... Read More »

Jesus always sets us free!

It’s always good to have a room full of people, especially with one new face, and one visiting after a few years. I love the variety of ministry during our meetings, where there are not only prayers, testimonies and gifts of the Holy Spirit, but where a spontaneous solo is also part of the flow.   Thank you Marcus, for ... Read More »

Apologies – and a barbecue!

With a record number of apologies coming in on Saturday evening and Sunday morning, we had few people joining us to worship God and enjoy Him, and a massive amount of food left over. But well done Wendy, for making sure there would be enough if everyone had come, and for time generously spent preparing. Praise and worship and prayer ... Read More »

Your God – and your mountain!

Pleasantly surprised at the room filling up again. Encouraging testimonies. 5 children/young people, with at least 2 dancing. So good to have Billy leading us in breaking bread in East Texas style with East Texas language. Thank you to Barry H for teaching. Testimonies from James, Barrie and from Wendy S. Quote by Wendy S this morning: ‘Don’t tell God ... Read More »

Some Like It LOUD!

OK, I must confess to liking LOUD, though I will balance that by saying I also like ‘quiet’. This is reflected in my own personal walk with God, when I drive to the coast, walk by the sea, and SHOUT, SHOUT, SHOUT to God. We are exhorted to in many of the psalms, and it seems fitting. Victory. Glory. Praise. ... Read More »

So Blessed!

People returning from holidays, people who had not been for well over a year, and many regulars and irregulars – we hardly noticed there was anyone missing, though Marcus was out preaching, Rob at a festival, Stephanie with car problems, James and Amanda and family away…. If others of our regulars had been here, it would have been rather tight! ... Read More »


  What a stunning time this morning. Once again, with a number of people away, we were expecting a very small number. But Marcus was back, and Rob is now with us regularly, and Daniel was also with us for a second week. Plus several regulars. The presence of God in the praise time was awesome, and Rob relating a ... Read More »

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