Thursday , 16 September 2021

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Warfare! There really is a war on! It’s in the spiritual realm, but manifest here on earth. Jesus said he would build his church (Matthew 16:18) and that we are co-labourers with him in that work (1 Corinthians 3:9). If we confess that Jesus is Lord, then we MUST let the Spirit move freely. At Liberty, we humbly seek to ... Read More »

My Mistake!

We were small in number, but prayed for a worship leader (Thank you Lord, and thank you Bob) and we prayed for more people (Thank you Lord, and thank you Connie, Mike, Pauline, Fred, Angie, Rod, Margie, Cliff and Sue) and we prayed for younger people (Thank you Lord, and thank you Frank). And so, when the room filled this ... Read More »


How good to hear Shirlene share from Psalm 91. The promises are of protection and security, but they are conditional; they are for those who ‘dwell under the shadow of the Almighty’. Shirlene read it from the AV, and told us how the Lord had spoken to her through that psalm. Then she read it from the Passion Bible, to ... Read More »

New Regulars – and VALUES!

It is such a blessing and encouragement when ‘new faces’ become ‘regular faces’. Looking round Sunday morning, I counted 7 people who were not here a year or so ago, and one regular couple who were unable to come.  Thank you to Bob, leading worship on keyboard, and to so many people for numerous contributions by way of readings, prayer, ... Read More »

No Better Place!

There was no better place to be this morning! Well, I’m sure the Lord was blessing other churches, but the meeting today was ‘something else’. Praying with people before and during the meeting, an overwhelming sense of the presence of God coming down amongst us, gifts of the Spirit, laying hands on the sick, testimony of healing from last Sunday, ... Read More »


I stopped counting the number of people a few weeks ago. There is not a huge number, but I have had to bring in extra chairs the last 2 weeks. Dear friends we have not seen for a year or so, and new faces, are a joy. During the week, a Christian friend who attends a very large church, told ... Read More »

On a Journey!

Every meeting is different! Well, that is what we should expect, if the Holy Spirit is really the One leading us during these times. We do not always get it right, but we are learning. We are on a journey. Welcome to Clare, with us for the first time, and sharing some uplifting verses from Revelation. Thank you to Bob, ... Read More »


At last, Covid restrictions are lifted and we enjoyed ‘Freedom Sunday’! Old friends returning balanced out those on holiday or being cautious in view of adverse weather forecasts. So, a room full of praise, worship, prayer and joy. Thank you Bob for leading our worship, and to Mike and Pauline for leading communion. Scriptures from Wendy L and Billy. Testimony ... Read More »

Ovation Under the Oak!

A morning of hot sunshine, and so instead of praise on the patio, we had ovation under the oak. Praise, worship, words of encouragement, scriptures, and gifts of the Spirit, and so many people participating. Thank you to Wendy L for leading us in communion, and to Barry H for speaking from Micah 6. Next Sunday will be the first ... Read More »

Songs of Ascents!

The weather forecast was for light cloud and dry, and so we prepared to meet outside. Around a dozen people came, and the sun shone. Wendy distributed hats for protection for those who wanted them. Always good to have Bob leading worship. A lovely testimony from Malcolm. Last week I was going to look at psalm 120, but never got ... Read More »

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