Tuesday , 28 June 2022

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No visitors, and no children. Not a great crowd, but much praise, testimony, gifts of the Holy Spirit, and a sense of the Presence of God. Such a blessed time. Shirlene led communion. We looked at the concluding verses of psalm 132. They searched for the ark, and eventually found. We need to too. But they were looking for an ... Read More »


So good to have new people with us. And children means dancing, and tambourines, and maracas. Fabulous praise and worship led by Bob, and prayer for Ukraine and our friends, Balázs and Claudia, who have taken in 13 Ukrainian refugees to their home near Budapest. In fact, now 14, as one lady has had a baby. (We had an offering ... Read More »

The Presence of God!

It was good to have John Alam with us. John was a virtual founder member, and has regularly brought words of encouragement to us. Getting over to us is not so easy these days, but it’s always good to see John. We asked the Holy Spirit to come amongst us. Of course, He’s always here, because He is God, and ... Read More »


Every meeting is different. Well, it certainly should be. This week there were no visitors, no children, and at least two regular couples away. In fact, there were less than a dozen of us.  We usually start with praise, but we started with testimony. During the week, a bereaved man had asked me where his wife had gone. It was ... Read More »

Joy and Grief!

It was great to have the Taylor family with us on Sunday. Mikey and Lou are launching a house church at Red Lodge, near Mildenhall, next Sunday, and were interested to see our expression of church. Their two children Grace (11) and Ted (9) were perfectly behaved!! In fact, it looked like they were enjoying our time, as we sang ... Read More »


LOUD! I like loud, though I also like quiet, silence. We are encouraged to do both in the psalms; the Lord tells us what pleases Him, so we do it! And we love to. The room was full, despite a few away with illness, etc. Great praise and worship led by Bob, and various words, readings, prayer, as we progressed.  ... Read More »


Looking forward to worship, fellowship and the Presence of God amongst us tomorrow morning. Jonathan and Paige Squirrell will be with us, and ministering in the meeting. Liberty Lunch follows. All invited, but helpful for Wendy to know if you intend to be with us! Read More »

No Liberty tomorrow

I think all regular and irregular members of Liberty have been informed, but just in case – there is no meeting tomorrow. The reason is no one single thing. The weather has been a strong factor, but also the fact that our heating system broke down on Friday. We also had other meetings scheduled over the weekend. We will be ... Read More »

His Presence!

What determines whether or not we have a strong sense of the Presence of God in our meetings? There is no definitive answer, though peoples’ hearts being right with God is important. Praise, which the Lord ‘inhabits’ (Psalm22:3) is another factor. Faith and expectancy are pleasing to God. And yet, there have been times when God ‘invades’ regardless of these ... Read More »


My apologies for there being no ‘blog’ re last Sunday. Wendy and I have been away all week. The most memorable aspect of the meeting last Sunday was an overwhelming sense of the Presence of God suddenly entering the meeting. Not that there had not been a sense of the Spirit’s Presence before, but suddenly… And everyone remarked on the ... Read More »

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