Friday , 23 February 2024


A hot, sunny Sunday. Doors and windows open. Guest speaker Marcus. Visitors. Extra chairs. Liberty lunch, with some eating in and some eating out. Worship, praise, testimony, gifts. Presence. Word. Breaking bread together. Praying for one another, and others.

Church. People. In sickness and in health. For better or worse. The tall, short, skinny and… The rich and the poor. Generous people, showing kindness to one another and to others in need. 

This is church. This is Liberty. We’re on a journey, and we haven’t arrived. If we fall, we get up, by the grace of God. If others fall, we help them up, by the grace of God. And one day, we’ll see Jesus, again by the grace of God.

Thank you to Marcus and Lesley, each sharing an important word. How amazing that the passage Lesley shared from was also the passage Shirlene had ready for communion. But that does happen quite regularly, and is a hallmark of the Holy Spirit. 

Next meeting – prayer meeting at Catfield on Thursday at 2pm.

Next worship meeting is at Frettenham next Sunday, 10.30am.

Next ‘regional meeting’ is at Binham on 2nd July.

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