Effective Prayer

Some of our ‘often attenders’ were arriving with a new person, but were prevented by an accident. And then another ’often attender’ arrived with a guest. It’s so good to have a reasonably full room, even when people are away.

Thank you Bob, for leading us to a heavenly place in our worship, Cliff for sharing from Matthew 24, Frank for sharing encouragement from the UCB booklet, and Wendy L for leading communion. And many contributions from others.

We considered effective prayer again. Last week, I shared from psalm 37:4, about delighting ourselves in the Lord, and of how I really enjoy such times of intimacy with the Lord, opening one’s heart, and even laughing together.

Delighting ourselves in the Lord caused me to think of loving God, and in Matthew 12:30,31 we read that Jesus said there were 2 great commandments – loving God and loving ones neighbour. So, if these are the 2 great commandments, maybe not keeping them are  the 2 great sins? 

Cliff sometimes quotes psalm 66:18, that if we regard (or cherish) sin in our heart, the Lord will not hear us. So we need to resist sin, and repent when we do commit sin. With regard to the 2 great commandments, we can fulfil loving God by delighting in him – that will lead us to worship, praise, and generally love him with all our heart. If we have a pure relationship with the Lord, will our prayers not be heard? And be effective?

Loving our neighbour. I felt there were 3 groups of neighbours that we are to love! John 3:16 – God loves the world, and sent his son. The world = the unsaved. We should love them, because he does, and there is nothing better we can do for them than point them to Jesus. That will benefit them in this life and eternity.

James 1:17. We are studying James in our fellowship midweek Bible studies, and we read that we should look after ‘widows and orphans’ – symbolic of the under-privileged and needy. We should look for such opportunities, via charities and personal involvement.

Galatians 6:10 tells us to do good to all people, but especially the household of faith. Love Christians in other churches,

but focus on believers in our own fellowship. The enemy will try and divide. So love one another, whatever. We need to be watchful as the fellowship grows.

Our next meeting is the prayer meeting at 2pm on Thursday in Catfield. And next Sunday morning – worship in Frettenham.

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