A Bit Tight!!

Packed! Well, very full, with children of all ages on chairs and floor. And adults of all ages on chairs and floor. Family – we had 12 family members visiting, and all but one joined us. There were a couple of other visitors, and several regulars away. Billy and Wendy have their new home, where walls are being knocked down and heating installed.

Great praise and worship led by Bob. No wonder villagers have told me they enjoy the music as they pass! Thank you to family members who participated – some scriptures from Naomi, and scriptures and a word from Chris. Thank you to Barry H for his word about inner beauty, Shirlene for leading communion, many others for praying for 4 sick people, with laying on hands, for praying and contributing words of encouragement, and to Malcolm for closing in prayer.

Our next meeting is next Sunday.

On Sunday 7th May, Jonathan and Paige should be with us. The morning meeting will be followed by a Liberty lunch, and all are invited to join us.

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