We love having guests in our meetings. Sometimes they re new (wonderful) and sometimes they are old friends (wonderful). This Sunday it was good to have Sam, Priya and Rovi with us. All old friends!

Three people known to a number of us had been to be with the Lord this last week. There were apologies for absence. We started with a brief consideration of what we felt the Lord was saying about outreach. Ways of bringing in new people. A regular healing people to invite new people to. The importance of pray-ers to be at the prayer meeting prior to the healing meeting.

Rovi had been praying for the fellowship, and kept getting the word ‘fruit’. She read John 15:16, which reminded us of Malcolm sharing that verse on several occasions. Rovi underlined her word by bringing Wendy and me a hamper of fruit. Wow – come again Rovi!

I led praise and worship. There was a lot of joy and singing in tongues. So many people shared testimony and prayer – Ann, Wendy, Cliff. Shirlene had a word. Barry had a word.

Sam led us in communion. 

We love it when our friends from London join us. We look forward to them coming again.

Next meeting – Bible study and prayer Thursday, in Catfield.

Next Sunday – Frettenham.

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