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Power for the Journey!

So what did you do today (Sunday 2nd May)? Wendy read psalm 92, and we then sang the first verse in praise and worship. We love scriptures set to music. And then we sang a lot of others, and thanked the Lord for being so good to us. We came to communion, and read the ‘communion passage’ in 1 Corinthians 11. ... Read More »

He is Exalted

Wendy read psalm 96, where we are encouraged to sing to the Lord, to glorify him, and to worship him. We did, for around 20  minutes. I had been reading Philippians 2 earlier, and we read the first 11 verses. We are told to have the same attitude that Jesus had. He was God, and yet he humbled himself, came ... Read More »


Wendy read psalm 2, and we considered how appropriate it is today. People don’t want God, is the message to start with. Why? Because to acknowledge Him is to recognise a responsibility towards Him. The words ‘Kiss the Son’ invite us to come to Jesus and have a close relationship with Him. That was our intention, and always is. Praise. ... Read More »


It is easy to fall into a routine in ‘doing church’. There are just the two of us, but we are  following a pattern. Should we be? What are you doing? Are you following a pattern? A psalm, praise, worship, communion, prayer for members and associates, and a final worship song. But the order has changed at times, and quite often ... Read More »

O Happy Day!

For Christians looking back to that first Easter Sunday, it is indeed a happy day! If Jesus had not died, I would still be separated from my Creator by sin. But sin has been paid for, and my Creator is now my Heavenly Father. If Jesus had not risen from the dead, He would not be helping us today. But ... Read More »


Restrictions are easing, but they were not last Sunday. So the two of us had praise, worship, reading from scripture, communion, prayer – and roast pork with Sauvignon blanc. But the rules have changed, and now 6 people or 2 households can meet together. But only outside. This will soon change again, and when 6 can meet indoors, we can ... Read More »

The Temple of God!

Wendy very often opens with a psalm. Last Sunday (21st March) she read Psalm 84. I remember it from schooldays, ‘How amiable are Thy tabernacles,’ or something like that. The swallow has a home, and the sparrow, but the psalmist feels at home in the temple. Our temple today is the people of God. We miss meeting with others. We feel ... Read More »

Building a Temple!

It will be good when more of us can gather, but just the two of us here continue to enjoy praise, worship, communion, the word and prayer. Wendy had been reading from Ezra, and spoke of how temple building can be relevant in view of New Testament teaching that the Church is now the temple. She continued, reading Psalm 34. ... Read More »

Isaiah 53

Wendy and I start each day by reading just one chapter of the Bible together, and praying. Last Sunday morning, it was Isaiah 53. After breakfast, we spent time in praise, worship, prayer, communion and the word. After praise and worship, we went back to Isaiah 53, which although written around 500BC, speaks so clearly about Jesus and Calvary. In ... Read More »

More Psalms!

Here is my brief blog re our Sunday morning meeting (28th February 2021). However, since putting this together, we have heard of the passing of Tim. We are deeply saddened, and lift Ann and the family in prayer. ***** Psalms again! I love psalms, and that is probably my favourite book in the Bible. Sunday morning, we started with Wendy ... Read More »

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