Tuesday , 28 June 2022

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Encouraging Words!

After being away at conference last weekend, it was so good to be meeting together, and to hear such good reports of the meeting at Malcolm and Moira’s home last Sunday. Cliff and Sue were praising God. Sue’s chronic health challenges have resolved, and she is in faith for continuing good health. Cliff had surgery during the week, and we ... Read More »


Looking forward to meeting together tomorrow. Conference in Devon last weekend was good, but nothing compares to being with the family of God that we are joined to most closely. Issar and Anna Hussain, a young dentist and his wife, will be staying with us and hope to join us at Liberty. John Alam has been out of hospital for ... Read More »

Goodbye and Hello!

We prayed for a worship leader, and Bob came along. We prayed for more people, and quite a few came along. Now we are praying for younger people! We were sorry to hear from Billy and Wendy that they have now got tickets to fly back to Texas. We will miss them, and say Thank-you to them for all they ... Read More »

An Anointed Meeting – again!

What an anointed meeting! Thank you to all who came and nearly filled our room yesterday morning. So good to have Michelle join us for the first time. Welcome Michelle – do join us again. And good to have Rod R with us. Rod has been before some years ago, and was Michelle’s driver today. So sorry John, Sue, Marcus ... Read More »

Move Forward!

It was so good to meet again, having missed a week here due to Christmas family invasion. Thank you to Bob for leading worship, and to all who participated in the meeting. The beginning of the year is one of those times when it can be appropriate to seek a word from the Lord. Such a word can enable us ... Read More »


A very misty morning, and some health issues, prevented a number of regulars reaching us, and yet – a great time of praise, worship, fellowship, and sensing the presence of God. Thank you to Bob, for leading worship, including many Christmas carols. Thank you to Malcolm for a most inspiring testimony, leading into communion. Wendy read Zechariah’s prophecy from Luke. ... Read More »

Guest Vocalist

Last week we had a guest speaker. This week we had a guest vocalist.  Two Christmas songs from John, who came to us for the first time on Sunday, inspired praise at a new level. There was a lot of testimony, and Wendy led us in breaking bread. Prayer was offered for a number of members experiencing very serious challenges ... Read More »


It was a joy to have Jonathan Squirrell with us on Sunday morning. His visit was booked around 3 months ago, and Paige would have been with us too, if health had permitted.  With Covid and colds afflicting a number of our regular people, it was great to have a dozen people gather. Thank you, as ever, to Bob, for ... Read More »


There are times when one just needs a good long sleep – and it was the worship leader’s turn today, and so I found myself unexpectedly strumming! How good to gather with the Lord’s people, and to praise and worship the One Who makes such a difference in our lives. Thank you to all who led us in prayer, read ... Read More »


Belatedly, as we had to dash away after Sunday’s meeting – it was a blessed time as always. Bob led worship. Most people shared scripture, a word, or a testimony. Shirlene gave a short word, powerful as usual. Malcolm and Moira led breaking of bread. Some deep needs were shared, and prayed into. What a difficult world this is for ... Read More »

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