Some old faces returning, some fairly new faces showing up again, and one ‘first time’ new face.  One can tell a lot from a face, and from time to time I look around, and am blessed at faces that radiate joy.

With Bob and Connie’s car back on the road, we asked them to lead communion, and I led worship. A room full of praise and joy. 

Thank you to Frank for sharing from a few scriptures. He mentioned the ‘thief coming to steal’ as per John 10:10. If you had nothing worth stealing, he wouldn’t give you such a hard time.

Barry H spoke from scriptures relating to Palm Sunday. Some people spread their garments on the donkey, and blessed the Lord in that way. Others were a little more distant, and spread their garments on the road. The donkey was blessed. And some just observed and cheered. Today, some observe, some give to the church, and some give to the Lord. Listening faces.

‘Have ears to hear’, said Ann. She emphasised the importance. Nodding faces.

Bob and Connie led breaking bread, and made it a meaningful time.

So many contributed, including Cliff, Sue, Wendy L, Shirlene, Billy…..

Our next meeting is on Thursday. Prayer at Catfield.

Next Sunday we are at Frettenham.

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