The Lord is a Strong Tower!

The sun was shining, and there was much laughter and chatter. That’s because we’re friends – not just ‘people at church’. 

It was good to have Frank and his dog Alfie with us. Alfie feels at home here. There was a time when we were dogged by dogs! People had to leave early to get back to them, and others were at dog shows. But Alfie comes quite regularly, and we welcome Frank and Alfie, cos we’re dog-friendly!

We started a little early, and briefly discussed venues for when Wendy and I are away in May. Shirlene can commit, and so Liberty will meet at her home in Catfield. She will appreciate numbers in advance. Let her know.

Michelle told us how, having brought her daughter Lisa, to a tea party here recently, Lisa asked us to pray for a house for her. Two days later she was offered one, subject to a few conditions.

She recognised this as answered prayer. We thanked God, and prayed for her to be in soon. We prayed for Barry H, ill this past week, and others who were not present. Also that Billy and Wendy would get the keys to their new house this week.

Praise, worship, praisey prayer….. Frank shared scripture, and led us in prayer, and Michelle led us in breaking bread. There were various words of testimony, exhortation, and encouragement.

Someone recently told me they were losing their faith because of life’s difficulties. We looked at Proverbs 18:10.

The Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it, and are safe. Reading this is itself of little avail. We must run into the tower. How? What is the practicality? Seek God. Put time aside. Commit that time. Do it! Read, and do so prayerfully. Listen for words of encouragement and upbuilding. Listen! – faith comes by hearing, not be reading! I did this when my world fell apart many years ago. I committed 5 times a day to seek God. He encouraged me, and was a strong tower. Now I’m rejoicing, and have been for years.

Our next meeting is next Sunday, Frettenham.

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