Heal the Sick!

It was so good for Wendy and I to be back with Liberty. We were intending to go on holiday to the Outer Hebrides, but a bout of ill health resulted in us being largely at home. However, we managed Wendy’s birthday weekend in Aldeburgh, where the hotel announced ‘champagne on the house’. And we enjoyed time at the Baptist Church there.

But it was so good to be back with the Liberty people. Such a buzz, as we caught up with what had happened – who had led, and spoken, and of how people gave others lifts to Catfield in order that no-one should miss out. Special thanks to Shirlene for hosting and providing lunch each week (amazing) and to Michelle for organising, and taxi-ing for two of the weeks.

Praise and worship led by Bob – what release and Presence. Thank you to all who contributed. Billy always gives it to us Texan-style – straight from the shoulder. How good to hear that the lady on the Sainsbury’s check-out, prayed for by Connie, has been fully healed. Thank you Lord, and well done Connie. Inspiring. So good to hear that Sue, who felt she was having a heart attack in the meeting last Sunday, had instant relief when prayed for in the meeting, and the medics have examined her and said that she is quite fit, in that respect.

I had gone to the summerhouse before the meeting, intending to pray and read Romans 3, but for some reason, turning to Luke 10. Then Billy alluded to Like 10 in some opening remarks very early in the meeting. So we looked at Luke 10. The disciples went out 2 by 2, and preached the gospel, healed the sick and cast out demons. Then in the opening verses of chapter 11, they ask Jesus, ‘Teach us to pray’. That has been me!

There was a season when, almost anyone Wendy and I prayed for, was healed. Not all, but most. Instantly and completely. From a congested chest to a broken arm, to a deformed arm. It was a season for about 3 months. Now, I am longing for more, and I ask, “Lord, teach me to pray’. Why are some people we pray for not healed. It is not primarily that we wrongly pray when we should use authority, or vice verse – much more fundamentally, it is our relationship with the Lord. If we take the Lord seriously, He will take us seriously! To snatch a few minutes prayer each day, and read a few verses of the Bible, is not having a serious relationship with the Lord. Time! We cannot earn God’s favour, but those who mean business with the Lord, have always spent time with him – in his presence, reading his word, worshipping, etc. Such people prioritise their relationship with him. They gain faith, and move out in tat faith. Like Daniel, they are disciplined in their prayer life.

Maybe we pray for the sick too much!! Maybe we sometimes pray too soon. Maybe the Lord is doing other things in that person’s life. Maybe the promises do not mean that we simply pray for people, and Bingo! – they are healed. The life of God flows through us, but out of relationship with him. Check your time management – where does Jesus come into it? If I say that I am too busy, then it’s probably true – I am TOO BUSY! I must re-organise, and give the Lord more time. I want to heal the sick and cast out demons like never before, purely for the glory of God. But I need to rededicate myself to him. And take my relationship with him seriously.

We broke bread together, led by Billy and Wendy. We thank God for all he does amongst us, and those we love.

Next meeting is Thursday – prayer meeting at Catfield.

Next Sunday we meet in Frettenham. Marcus and Lesley will be visiting and speaking. There will be a Liberty Lunch for all  afterwards.

Our next regional meeting at Binham will be Sunday 2nd July, at 4pm till around 6 pm.

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