Small, but…

“A small number but a great meeting”, said Wendy. And when compared to where we were a few years ago, there were more at our small meeting than we used to have at our larger meetings! 

With Bob’s car out of order, I was leading worship – and I love it, really! With so many people coming in with prayers and words, it was a wonderful time. Thank you to Barry H for leading communion, and for sharing from Matthew 24 and 25. And to all others who shared.

The tea and coffee and fellowship after the meeting was full of laughter as always, and a few of us met over lunch to tie up details for the memorial service for Chris next Saturday.

In the evening, I went to the regional meeting at Binham (relatives arrived, and Wendy felt it right to stay and entertain), and found Alan and Jilly were there, and had taken a new person along. I felt a little drained from the  morning, and got a wonderful top-up. I guess that’s why the meeting at Binham is called The Well.

Our next meeting is Tuesday at Catfield Sanctuary (prayer), Saturday at Catfield village hall (memorial for Chris), and next Sunday at Frettenham (worship etc).

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