Sunday , 5 December 2021

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How To – on Sundays!

So what are you doing on Sundays during lockdown? Many people are sitting in front of screens, and are being blessed in doing so. Maybe Wendy and I would be too, but it would be tempting to be passive, and just sit there. In order to grow, we have to exercise gifting. That is part of the ethos of the ... Read More »

We Pause!

We had meetings at Catfield and Frettenham, though I can only report on the Frettenham meeting, Wendy started the meeting with a psalm, Bob led worship. Mike and Pauline led us in communion. We spent time praying for those unable to be with us, especially those unwell at present. We looked at Psalms 120 and 121. Psalms 120 to 134, ... Read More »

Strong Hills – Powerful God!

I enjoy the meetings when our sitting room is really crowded, and wish it was more often. The most at a meeting here was 29. And then lockdown, and just Wendy and me meeting – singing,  communion, prayer, sharing from the word, etc. And a roast! Loved it. And then it was 15-20 on the patio. Now it is 6s. I ... Read More »


With the ‘6’ rule, we are getting used to multi-siting on Sundays. Also, one member recently met someone who later tested positive, so they are self-quarantining. Others are increasingly cautious, which is good practice. There are many promises for the believer in psalm 92 and elsewhere. How else can this psalm be interpreted? Just for Israel? Just for that time? ... Read More »

Three Venues

Our first Sunday with three venues. So thank you to Shirlene, and Bob and Connie for joining us in hosting. Thank you to musicians, and those who led in prayer, moved in the gifts of the Spirit, gave words and teaching, and led communion. It is so good that those who are new to our New Testament meeting style are ... Read More »


Last Sunday Liberty met at two locations, Frettenham and Catfield. With over 20 people identifying as part of the church, we are grateful to have 4 homes currently offering to host meetings. We are also meeting midweek for worship, fellowship, communion… anyway the Spirit decides to lead us. While it is necessary to limit numbers meeting in homes to 6, ... Read More »

Dividing to Multiply?

There were too many people for the patio, so we moved onto the smaller lawn. Welcome to Yolanda, Frank’s sister, staying in Norfolk. Thank you to Bob for leading praise and worship, to Mike and Pauline for leading communion, to Shirlene for bringing a word from Matthew 24 and Hebrews 8, and Billy for bringing a word from Psalm 22 ... Read More »

The Brain – Use it, Renew it, and Ignore it!

Because we are a small number meeting in Sundays, we estimate numbers, and then  get chairs out of house and store onto the patio. Yet again today, we underestimated. It was so good to have Frank and Alfie with us again (2 weeks running now) and Maria. Thank you to Bob for leading us in praise and worship, and to ... Read More »

Surprise, Surprise!

Life is full of them – surprises – and especially when you have Jesus in your life. So many of our people are away for the bank holiday weekend, and the weather forecast was low chance of rain. First surprise – weather forecast changed to negligible chance of rain, but overcast and cloudy. So we decided to have praise on ... Read More »

Thank you, Lord!

Thank you Lord for another dry, and at times sunny, morning. Even with some regulars away or sick, we had quite a patio full. I really should have had both the bees nest and the wasps nest in the roof above us removed before the weekend. The bees are not too aggressive, and the wasps mostly keep their distance, perhaps ... Read More »

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