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The Presence of Jesus!

Jesus said that where 2 or 3 are gathered together, he is ‘in the midst’ (Matthew 18:20). Sometimes we feel his presence, and sometimes we don’t. But we know he is present, because he promised. However, I find it helpful to actually feel his presence, and in our meetings, it is usually during praise and worship, and breaking bread, that ... Read More »

Good Praise!!!

It was a good time of praise! Well, have we ever had a bad time of praise? – of course not. Barry H led breaking bread, and shared from Philippians.   It was so good to have Maria back with us. Also, John Alam was virtually a founder member, and we enjoy his fellowship and encouragement. Chilli con carne with ... Read More »

4th November 2018

So good to have Bob leading us in praise and worship this morning. A good gathering, with everyone participating. Thank you to Shirlene for leading us in breaking bread, and sharing from the Word. Thank you to all who laid hands on others in prayer. Thank you to Wendy for roast pork and all the trimmings. The next meeting is ... Read More »

All Change!

I have said before that, while we are a small church, a few people being away sick or on holiday leaves quite a hole. This week, a family of 5 have moved on, and we will miss them. We say Goodbye to James and Amanda and children, thank them for all their ministry and contributions into ‘Liberty’ during the past ... Read More »


To gather together is enjoyable; to gather to Jesus is special. Sunday mornings are special times. There was an emphasis on prayer this week, with many things to praise God for, as well as bringing various needs to the Lord. We praise God that Tim is making such good progress, and pray for more. We pray for his family at ... Read More »

Sunday 7th October 2018

Just a handful gathered, but a wonderful time of praise and worship, breaking bread together, Wendy taking the children out to learn about the Good Shepherd, and teaching from Barry H. A number of others also contributed. There will be no meeting in Frettenham next week. Our next meeting will be on Sunday 21st October, 10.15am for 10.30am. All welcome. Read More »


While singing ‘Father God’, I happened to look into the hall, and saw Freya (aged 4) dancing to the music. Apparently I was once known  as ‘the dancing dentist’. Not to my face, but it leaked out.  But if people knew how good the Lord has been to me, they would understand the dancing. His kindness to me over many ... Read More »


I don’t want to insult any of those gathered yesterday morning (and there were very few present), but I think we are all OAPs. Thank you to Bob and Connie for coming over and leading worship. Thank you to Barry H for leading communion. We were few, but it was a special time. Our next meeting will be in Frettenham ... Read More »

16th September 2018

If our fellowship was larger, people being away would have less of an impact. As one of our number has told us several times recently, “We need to be at the Sunday morning meetings, because that sets us up for the week ahead”. So true. A few were not with us this Sunday, but the Lord brought in others. It ... Read More »

9th September 2018

A number of people away sick, makes little difference to numbers in a large, or even medium-sized, church. However, in a small fellowship such as ours, the effect is significant. We pray for the day when this will change. Tim is still on life-support, in a coma in hospital in Toulouse. Billy and Wendy are still having problems with their ... Read More »

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