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16th September 2018

If our fellowship was larger, people being away would have less of an impact. As one of our number has told us several times recently, “We need to be at the Sunday morning meetings, because that sets us up for the week ahead”. So true. A few were not with us this Sunday, but the Lord brought in others. It ... Read More »

9th September 2018

A number of people away sick, makes little difference to numbers in a large, or even medium-sized, church. However, in a small fellowship such as ours, the effect is significant. We pray for the day when this will change. Tim is still on life-support, in a coma in hospital in Toulouse. Billy and Wendy are still having problems with their ... Read More »


Tim and Ann have been part of our fellowship for around 6 months, and we have enjoyed seeing Tim grow, leading us in breaking bread and generally launching out. And suddenly, he is in a coma on life-support, in France whilst on holiday. I am praying every hour, and they are continually on our minds. Although this situation overshadows us, ... Read More »

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