My Mistake!

We were small in number,

but prayed for a worship leader (Thank you Lord, and thank you Bob) and we prayed for more people (Thank you Lord, and thank you Connie, Mike, Pauline, Fred, Angie, Rod, Margie, Cliff and Sue)

and we prayed for younger people (Thank you Lord, and thank you Frank). And so, when the room filled this morning, I thought, ‘Glad no-one else has come, as it’s getting a bit tight!’

My mistake –

If the Lord brings them in, we will accommodate them. We can divide into two, or rent a larger room. And He will bring many more in, and he has promised younger ones, but we must never lose or dilute our vision. It is sad to see Billy and Wendy leaving the church, the area, and maybe the U.K. We prayed for them, and spoke words over them.

Great praise and worship, and a sense of the Presence of God and of joy. Thank you to Mike and Pauline for leading communion in such an excellent way. Thank you to Barry H for his word, and to all who contributed.

Next meeting is next Sunday, same time, same place.

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