Friday , 23 February 2024


Belatedly, as we had to dash away after Sunday’s meeting – it was a blessed time as always. Bob led worship. Most people shared scripture, a word, or a testimony. Shirlene gave a short word, powerful as usual. Malcolm and Moira led breaking of bread. Some deep needs were shared, and prayed into. What a difficult world this is for some people. 

It is by using our gifting that we grow. If we come because it’s fun, or we like the style, etc., then we are missing something important – GROWING. Allowing the Spirit to move freely in our meetings is a practical acknowledgement that Jesus is Lord. Learning to share as He leads is the Biblical way of growing. For instance, in leading communion, we grow in our understanding of what it means, and in prayer. In so many churches, only the relative few participate in a meaningful way – and only they grow. 

On 5th December we have 2 guest speakers, followed by Christmas lunch. It will be fun, and we hope that some of our less frequent attendees will come along. If you have been just once in the last 3 months, you qualify!!!! And we would never turn anyone away. Please come on Sunday 5th, and stay to lunch.

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