Warfare! There really is a war on! It’s in the spiritual realm, but manifest here on earth. Jesus said he would build his church (Matthew 16:18) and that we are co-labourers with him in that work (1 Corinthians 3:9).

If we confess that Jesus is Lord, then we MUST let the Spirit move freely. At Liberty, we humbly seek to do that. We do not follow a denominational structure, nor do we model on other churches with a minister, pastor, or leader with small leadership team. We ask the Holy Spirit to build as he desires, and are not surprised to see a pattern like that we see in the New Testament. No building. No paid ministry. A sense of the presence of God. Miracles. And so on.

But as the Lord brings people in, so the enemy seeks to take them out. Sickness, family problems, and other issues. Yesterday morning (Sunday 12th September), Wendy was sick and spending a third day in our bedroom, and a further 8 of our regular people (6 of them relatively new), at home due to sickness and family situations. Warfare!

We had communion, and remembered the significance of the blood. We prayed against demonic powers, and for our brothers and sisters. Victory is assured, as surely as light overcomes darkness. We pray there will be minimum casualties.

It was good to have Graeme, the Gatwick gardener, visiting. Great praise and worship. Connie spoke of how she went to the FGB dinner on Friday, wracked with pain and wanting prayer. She was too busy for prayer at the dinner, but woke on Saturday completely pain free. And still is. There was a tongue and interpretation. Cliff led communion, and taught about remembering Christ. We prayed for those absent. Graeme shared some thoughts on ‘love’, which is a verb as well as a noun. We need to do love!

This Thursday, 16th September, Shirleen will lead a study on love. 2pm at Malcolm and Moira’s home. The purpose is to equip us for the life we are called to.

We meet next Sunday in Frettenham, same place, same time.

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