It is always good to have a new face among us, and we say Welcome to Diane. 

This last week saw the first of our series of 4 midweek meetings, and what a wonderful turn-out! Thank you to Malcolm for arranging g, to Malcom and Moira for hosting, and to Shirleen for leading. Our next midweek meeting is this Thursday 23rd September, at Rackheath at 2pm. Phone for further details.

Thank you Bob for leading praise and worship, and taking us to a heavenly place. We prayed for those unable to be with us – some are sick, some are recovering from sickness, some have family problems. Malcolm led us in breaking bread together, explaining the significance of communion under the New Covenant.

We looked at Psalm 123. In psalm 121, the psalmist looks to the hills, and then to the lord. In psalm 123, he looks only to the Lord. Is the Lord our priority? Do we really have Him as Lord in all parts of our lives? We are on a journey, and should be able to look back and see progress.

God is our Father, and we major on that. No-one did so more than Paul, and yet in Romans 1:1, he refers to himself as a ‘bondservant’. So, we are also servants. Psalm 123 emphasises obedience, which is not a popular subject today.

The psalmist also looks at the world and sees arrogance. Arrogance, and seeking importance and status and worldly ‘things’ are concerns of the world. We are to be realistic about ourselves, and walk in humility, as per Micah 6:8.

Bob sang about Jesus – of course. And Shirlene closed in prayer.

There is no meeting in Frettenham next week, but we will meet again on Sunday 3rd October, when all are welcome to lunch.

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