Sunday , 5 December 2021

A Wonderful Time!

What a buzz in the meeting when we really sense the presence of God amongst us. A full room, new faces, the room reverberating with praise, the gifts of the Spirit, testimony, prayer – a wonderful time. Welcome to Gwynneth and Richard, visiting, and to Diane, who has been with us every week for a month or so.

We looked at Psalm 124, where David looks back at times when the enemy, in one form or another, almost destroyed Israel. But God intervened. But God changed the situation. But God gave them victory. You have a challenge this week, and you feel it might overcome you? Remember David – and may your testimony be, “But God”.

We prayed for people, laying on hands and/or anointing with oil.

Next week the church meets at Malcolm and Moira’s home.  Need directions? – contact me.

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