And then there was darkness!

And then there was darkness – around 12 midday, when a power-cut of 6 hours started. And it was such a dull day.

However, it was so good to see people who have been sick, now better and joining us on Sunday. Praise and worship led by Bob, Ecclesiastes 3 from Wendy L, communion led by Cliff, and prayer for those absent. Thank you for contributions from Billy, Wendy S and Connie.

We looked at psalm 126. When the Lord brought back the captives from exile, it was like a dream, with laughter and joy.

Other nations saw it and took note.

We need to reflect on what the Lord has done for us and make sure others notice. The psalm continues with a prayer for further refreshing, and a promise that those sowing in tears will reap with joy. Likewise, we need to seek God for continual, repeated refreshings of His Spirit, and take on board that the Christian life is not always easy, and that we are called to work ‘with tears’

if we desire to ‘reap with joy’.

Our next meeting is in Frettenham next Sunday morning. If you would like to stay to lunch, let us know during the week (though I’m sure we can still squeeze you in!)

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