Numbers, of themselves, are not important. However, they are often an indicator, and I feel it is a sign of the grace of God upon LIBERTY that –

Around 2 years ago, there were often 6 of us meeting

This Sunday, at least 10 people were away because of health issues

This Sunday, we still had a roomful of people

It was good to have Shirlene’s daughter Sam with us, and also, Frank put in an appearance, accompanied by canine companion, Alfie. Thank you to all who participated and contributed – testimony from Malcolm, scriptures shared by Cliff, a reading from Wendy L, words of encouragement from Billy, encouraging words from Frank, and Shirlene leading us in communion. Thank you to all who joined in praying for those not with us.

I shared from Psalm 125. The context is eternity, in that we are secure forevermore.

This is good news, especially for the elderly, and for those who have lost loved ones. So long as you, and they, are saved! Verse 3 tells us that the Lord knows how far we can be pushed by the enemy, and limits our trials accordingly. Although everything we receive from the Lord is by grace, yet he ‘does good to those who are good’ (verse 4), and does not forget those who have been kind to his people (Heb.6:10). His will and promise to us is ‘Shalom’ (verse 5). Life has its difficult times and challenges, but ultimately, we receive Shalom – well-being, health, joy, peace, provision, etc.

The meeting ended with birthday cake, as we celebrated Shirlene’s special day. She pointed out that 17th October was not only her birthday, but the day the second world war started, and the day that the ark settled on Mount Ararat. We were also close to the feast of Tabernacles.

Our next meeting is at Frettenham next Sunday, usual time.

(Our midweek meeting is in Rackheath on Thursday 2pm).

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