Great Testimonies!

It is always good to have Sam Bhatt with us, when she is staying with Shirlene. And also good to have Barry H back with us following his recent surgery.

Connie had had a bad week, but testified about the fact that she prayed for an appointment with her doctor, and even though they usually make people wait a week or three, she was seen the same day. But she said she wanted prayer this morning. There was testimony that Jilly, who had been unable to eat many things, was now able to eat most things, and would be back at our Christmas lunch in a couple of weeks.

Thank you to Bob for leading worship,

and to Malcolm for leading communion.

So many people shared, and we particularly pray for Sam as she has so many opportunities to witness in the cabinet office at Westminster. How amazing that she was asked to share about her faith, as part of her job there. Thank you to Barry H for sharing from the word,

and for Michelle leading the prayer for Connie, and anointing her with oil. 

Our next meeting is the prayer meeting on Thursday, and then worship etc back here in Frettenham on Sunday.

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