What an amazing meeting, with a full room (24 people plus 1 dog). Such praise, such worship, such a sense of God’s presence.

It was so good to have Jonathan and Paige with us. Also, Sam and her friend Rovi, from London, and first-timers Emma, Craig and Roy. 

Many remarked on the gentle worship song from Rovi, which brought even more of heaven into the meeting. Wendy L led us in breaking bread, and reflected on the tongue and interpretation from the previous week. We should humble ourselves, and seek the Lord.

Thank you to Frank for sharing about our call to be lights and salt in this world, and for Barry H speaking of our need for purity to carry the Spirit meaningfully wherever we go.

Jonathan spoke from James 1 (ask for wisdom), 1 Kings 3 (Solomon asks for wisdom), and Proverbs 2:6 (knowledge and understanding come from the Lord). We have to be able to apply knowledge – that is wisdom. Solomon asked the Lord for wisdom, whereas he could have asked for wealth, etc. He chose well, and the Lord rewarded him. We too are to ask for wisdom, but so much can be obtained by reading the Bible. Gender issues, woke issues, sexual orientation issues…. The Lord states clearly on such things. We can answer those asking, ‘God says in the Bible……’ For instance, ‘one man marries one woman for life’. But we must listen to people, and maybe ask, ‘What do you belief?’ and ‘Why do you believe that?’ and ‘Can you explain that to me?’ The Bible gives knowledge. The Spirit will give us understanding, so we can rightly apply the knowledge in today’s challenging culture.

So many Christians don’t read their Bible much. They are so vulnerable, and can be swept one way and another by the vagaries of secular culture. Read your Bible! Read your Bible! Read your Bible! Read your Bible! Gods word will equip you by making you wise.

Wendy prepared a traditional turkey lunch for 24 of us. What a party! What a riot! We have had so many good reports, and from new people wanting to come again (even if no lunch).

Bible study this Thursday. Worship in Frettenham next Sunday.

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  1. Hi

    You are not God’s messengers so Read Your Bible Read Your Bible Read Your Bible
    Then you will see what God wants from his children for his world


    • Oh dear, I have been reading and studying my Bible daily for over 58 years. You? Since I was born again. You? I suspect you have been reading it for less years than me, and probably within the context of a denomination which ‘guides’ you in that. Read ALL the Bible, recognising that it God’s word to us. No mistakes. Quite clear. And let’s seek grace when addressing one another. Our God is a God ofgrace,and his children should be too.

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