Looking round the room yesterday morning, and noting that some were not present through illness, or called into hospital where a close friend was not expected to pull through, and others… well, different priorities, or urgent situations, I considered how this would have been a super amazing turnout around 10 years ago!

Thank you to Bob for leading us into a heavenly place, and to all who shared, testified, prayed, etc. It was good to have a tongue and interpretation. Alan and Jilly were with us, and Alan led communion.

Psalm 100. There are 7 commands, but – does a Father command his children? Let’s say, encouragements, or good advice! I sometimes feel like shouting joyfully and victoriously to God. So I find a remote beach, and do so!

But there are times for silence, and listening to the Spirit. Faith does not come by reading, but by hearing! Listen. 

If an Israelite wanted to enter Gods presence, he would probably go to the temple. Through the gateway, across the court, and towards the sanctuary, representing the Lords presence. It’s so easy to come to prayer, with intercession for those on our heart. But how about taking the psalmist’s route, of thanksgiving and praise, and after finding the presence of God, opening one’s heart in intercession?

Our prayer fellowship meets on Thursday in Catfield, and next Sunday, Jonathan and Paige Squirrell are with us. It will also be Liberty Christmas Lunch.

We are having a carol service with mulled wine and minced pies on Christmas Eve, 10am, and we shall be inviting people from the village to join us. Others are encouraged to do likewise – bring them in. Talking about evangelism, but not actually sharing the gospel, or bringing people along, can be seen as talking the talk, but not walking the walk. Let’s go into 2024, walking the walk in every way!

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