What a Party!

What a party! Well, there were a lot of grandchildren present, having celebrated Christmas and waiting for New Year. The youngest (5) wanted to dance – and so did I. So we did. And one or two others. We have so much to praise Jesus for, and the place shook.

Thank you to Bob for leading worship, and Shirlene for leading communion. 

New Year resolutions? So often taken lightly. But resolutions are good. Life is seasons (Ecclesiastes 3). New year is a good time to seek the Lord for a verse for the year.

But don’t play ‘let’s pretend’. Be real. But we need to be listening to the Lord always, and to be aware when he is bringing a new season in for us.

Isaiah 43 starts with an exhortation to hear the Lord. Hear! So we need to listen, because he speaks. And in verse 19, he speaks of doing a new thing. Sometimes, things he has done before, but he brings freshness, newness, even if he’s done it before.

So listen. A new season? When you know what it is, you can go for it. Don’t pretend, but when you have really heard – go for it!

During the next 6 weeks, our meeting venues are as follows –

Sunday 7th Januaruy 2024                              Catfield     01692 670593    shirleen.phillips@gmail.com

Sunday 14th January 2024                              Catfield     01692 670593    shirleen.phillips@gmail.com

Sunday 21st January 2024                              Rackheath  07901 667284   (Malcolm and Moira)

Sunday 28th January 2024                              Stalham     07766 387821   (Jonathan and Paige)

Sunday 4th February 2024                              Catfield     01692 670593    shirleen.phillips@gmail.com

Sunday 11th February 2024                            Stalham     07766 387821   (Jonathan and Paige)

Sunday 18th February 2024                            Frettenham

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