The God Who Reveals Himself!

Last week we had a reasonably full room, at 24.

Today, we had breathing space, and around half that number. That’s a characteristic of ‘house church’, especially in the early days – rather tight, or rather empty. 

How good to have Jilly and Alan with us, always smiling, and speaking encouraging words before, during, and after the meeting. Connie spoke of an opportunity to show love to a lady she did not know in the West Country, whose B&B looked like closing down. She sent an encouraging letter and a cheque during the pandemic, and they have stayed in touch since. Sue spoke of the time she had absolutely no money, and after finding her purse empty, later found a £10 note in it. Where had it come from! 

Praise was loud! Wholehearted! But then, the Lord is do good to us. Cliff led us in communion.

We looked at Psalm. The Lord is so different from man, that we would not know He was there except He revealed Himself. Not a perfect analogy, but I can appreciate a lot about an ant, but the ant knows relatively nothing about me! But our God wants relationship. That’s why He created us, and though relationship was broken by us, He reveals Himself.

Verses 1-6. General revelation. The creation speaks of the Creator. It shouts out, and everybody can see/hear. The design. The beauty. The way bodies of such a variety of animals and plants ‘work’. Millions of filters in each kidney. Thousands of miles of capillary blood vessels. Creation shouts about the Creator, and in Romans 1 we read that no-one has a genuine excuse for being an atheist or agnostic.

But verses 7-13 give us special revelation. In everyday English, they say ‘Read the Bible in order to know about God, about what’s right and wrong, about the past and the future, how to come into real relationship with our Father, how to please Him, how He will bless us – and about Jesus, the most important man in history and eternity, because He is God, and reveals the Father to us.

Reading the Bible prayerfully, and listening to the Spirit, lead us to change more into the likeness of Christ. A fulfilling life. A life of joy. And so the psalmist prays that his words and thoughts might be pleasing to God.

Our next meeting will be prayer on Thursday at Catfield, and next Sunday, gathering in Frettenham.

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