Together Again!

How good to meet together again, after our 5 week absence. We all wanted to know what others had been experiencing – for Wendy and me, our  time in Fiji and New Zealand, and for the rest of the church, the meetings, words, Bible studies, prayer meetings, and times of fun together socially. 

But there were more important matters for us. Praise for all our Lord has done, and worship because of Who He is. We did not want to stop! Shirlene led communion, and Barry H spoke of the promised land being given to different tribes to occupy. We each have our part to play, and need to explore what the Lord has called us to, and develop it.

Two members had had falls this week, and were prayed for. And others who were absent – Michelle has back trouble, John has gall bladder issues, and dear Colin, who was so faithful until his transport ceased, is now receiving palliative care. 

What a rousing, inspiring, and frankly, noisy time it was!

Our next meeting is next Sunday, same time, same place.

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