God is GOOD – Always!

It was our (Barrie and Wendy) second Sunday back, and one or two who were unable to join us last week were back today. How wonderful to see Michelle and Mark, and Billy and Wendy again. They each were going through challenging times, but it did not prevent them singing praises to our God, and help fill the room with loud heavenly praise.

So many people shared. Connie was so much better from her fall. Frank shared that he was reading Matthew 7:7-12 at 4.30am, and encouraged us not to give up in prayer. Moira was amazed, as she too had been considering those verses in the early hours. There are 31,102 verses in the Bible – how could anyone argue that this was a coincidence? No – this is the Lord speaking to the church. Shirlene read from Luke 1:46-55, of Mary’s song of praise. An appropriate reading for Mother’s Day. A number of others brought words.

I spoke on the opening 3 verses of psalm 107, which is the introduction to a series of descriptions that each of us can identify with, looking back on our lives, and which we can use to help others, and to witness to them. The opening verses tell us –

1. God is GOOD. Have you thought about that? What if He was bad? What if he was indifferent? What if He was like the god of some other rather aggressive, hateful religions? Praise Him that He is GOOD;

2. His mercy endures forever. He is kind and loving and merciful FOREVER. That means tomorrow and next month and next year. We are getting old, or older, and you might wonder what will happen next year, or in 5 years. Our God will be kind to you, and will be all that you need Him to be to you then.

3. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so. When you speak out what the Lord has done for you, your words are powerful. Malcolm is gifted at this, and has seen so many people come to the Lord through his witness. Speak to christians and non-christians. We are all inspired by such powerful words of testimony.

4. God has gathered people from north, south, east and west. In those days, such people might have been very different from one another. That is a picture of today, when all sorts of people, of different ethnicities maybe, but different backgrounds, social status, rich, poor, young, old, etc – we are all brought into one family where we are simply brothers and sisters, and love one another. And love and serve our God.

Wendy L led us in breaking bread.

Michelle feels a call to heal the sick, but has been quite ill herself. We asked her to pray for those wanting prayer, anointing them with oil. We felt this was the Lord’s direction, and that she would be healed herself. Frank quoted Luke 6:38. So she prayed for everyone, and Shirlene prayed for Michelle.

We sang “You won’t leave here as you came, in Jesus Name !”

We meet next week, same place, same time. Trevor and Linda Galpin will be with us, and after the meeting, all are invited to stay for lunch. There will also be an afternoon tea on Saturday, 3pm – 5pm, at which those who would like to meet Trevor and Linda are warmly invited. It would be helpful to know in advance of those who intend to come on Saturday and Sunday, in order to help with catering.

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