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Let it get darker!

An advantage of church during the current restrictions, is that the time can be flexible. It was Valentine’s Day, and not only did we open our cards, but reminisced about our years together – the adventures, the memorable moments, etc. We read together, prayed and thanked the Lord for each other, and came down for breakfast. Wendy read psalm 110, ... Read More »

Jesus – in the psalms!

We met this Sunday, just the two of us, to praise, worship, have communion, and generally enjoy the presence of God. Wendy read psalm 49, which we returned to later. I read psalm 57, and noted a few things there – David was taking refuge in the cave of Adullam (a natural feature) but in his heart, trusted in God. ... Read More »

Special Bible Passages!

Last Sunday morning, we met as usual. Just two of us, because of lockdown. Wendy read psalm 1,  which is my passage for the year. If the Lord gives me a word for the year, I cannot read it too much. I (Barrie) then read psalm 42 which I had read earlier by myself. But this psalm is special for ... Read More »


I was thinking recently about the underground churches in China and Iran and other countries hostile to the gospel. With the U.K. becoming more hostile, house churches could be the future for the Biblical church. Even today, we can be accused of ‘hate speech’ if we endorse what the Bible teaches on gender, on sexual activity, on other religions, etc. ... Read More »

Recurring Words!

Wendy felt she should read most of Acts 2, which was a word given to many of us at the FGB New Year conference recently. The importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit. The importance of speaking in tongues, which was the first thing the gathered disciples did when filled. It was a word well worth looking at again. ... Read More »

The Light of the World

We started by reading a passage that the Lord had laid on Wendy’s heart. Isaiah 49:22 – 26. It speaks of judgement and mercy. Wendy felt it was rather like the world we live in, where people act in a way that merits the judgement of God – and yet the mercy of God is so real, and we are ... Read More »

Word for the Year!

We started with a reading from Isaiah 57 by Wendy. Judgement – the same today. Mercy – the same today. The same God and Father. Praise and worship for 20 minutes or so. Sensing his presence. Reassuring. Blessing us. Barrie read psalm 1, and the first 14 verses of Deuteronomy 28. He had been seeking a word for the year. ... Read More »

Toys – and worship!

“Every child bring one toy, and hold them up in turn…” Praise God we have been delivered from this crudest form of manipulation, copied by church after church to try and entice children and parents into their church buildings Christmas Day. And such an interminable bore. We’re free.  Liberty indeed. Let’s worship God! Christmas morning. Stockings. Kitchen. Breakfast. Then daughter and ... Read More »

Walking, Talking, Praying!

Monday 21st December 2020 Dear Liberty people. How did you handle yesterday (Sunday)? Feel free to share on our site, and perhaps inspire the rest of us into more creative worship. You may recall that the previous Sunday, Wendy and I walked round the village, chatted with around 14 people (socially distanced) in groups of twos, threes and fours. We ... Read More »

Walk, Worship, and Roast Pork!

The forecast was rain later, so we decided to walk earlier. Then the forecast changed to rain sooner, but we walked anyway. We were hardly out of the house when a car flashed its lights and there was much waving and smiling. A friendly village. We wonder who they were. We stopped and exchanged smiles and greetings with around 14 ... Read More »

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