Thursday , 18 August 2022

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Praise on the patio. Worship al fresco!

Praise on the patio. Worship al fresco. And socially distanced, of course. Thank you to Bob for leading a wonderful time. Then indoors, where the sitting room windows were open, and we gathered for breaking bread together, led by Wendy. An encouraging word from Malcolm was much appreciated. We prayed for those unable to be with us, and as led ... Read More »

Lockdown Easing!

The two of us met as usual, with Wendy starting by reading Psalm 98. Then a time of praise and worship, after which we read the book of Nahum – just 3 chapters in the book – and considered how it speaks to us today. Communion, intercessory prayer, and a closing song. Next week we meet at 10.30am, for one ... Read More »

Socially Distanced!

For the first Sunday since well before lockdown, Wendy and I did not meet together at home for worship. A couple who were part of Liberty for years, and a great encouragement to us, are unable to meet with their new church (though they can electronically) and so invited us to join them and a very few others, for socially ... Read More »

Five Present!!

There were five of us meeting this Sunday (if you include the Father, Son and Holy Spirit), or two if you were to walk in and look round. Wendy often has a psalm on her heart, and started by reading Psalm 29. It is about the voice of the Lord, and we spoke together of the power of God’s anointed ... Read More »


We met as usual, as we have been meeting for years, for praise, worship, breaking bread together, prayer, etc. But just Wendy and me. A sense of the presence of God. A sense of being empowered for the week ahead.  We considered the foundations upon which we build. That the Bible is God’s word and reliable. That all it says ... Read More »

Led by the Spirit!

I am increasingly aware of the importance of participation when ‘we come together’.  It’s so clear in New Testament scriptures, and yet so many churches seem to model on the Old Testament set-up of priest and congregation, or leadership/ministry team and congregation. And so, as I’ve written previously, Wendy and I do not sit in front of a screen during lockdown, ... Read More »


Lockdown does afford more flexibility! The sun was shining, and as only Wendy and I were meeting, we had a short walk of a couple of miles or so round local lanes, discussing Passover, Pentecost, and their fulfilment and relevance to us personally today. Back home, the meeting started late. It was Pentecost, and we sang ‘Holy Spirit, we welcome ... Read More »


Liberty continues! Part of our ethos is that we come together in a way that enables each person to participate, bring what the Lord’s given them, use their gifting and GROW. So Wendy and I use zoom and other electronic apps for fellowship and prayer, but – not for Church meeting. We praise, worship pray, read scriptures, share revelations, break ... Read More »


There are three things I would like people to know during this pandemic – FIRSTLY – God is in control. He says so in scripture, and He demonstrates this in many ways, not least in the fulfilment of prophetic words He has inspired. Look at the restoration of Israel after two thousand years. That has not happened to any other ... Read More »


Greetings to all members of Liberty – and those who attend irregularly and occasionally. During lockdown, Wendy and I continue to worship at Crossways. Just like Sundays always were – but there are just two of us. There are Zoom and live streaming meetings from so many churches, though the two of us here have our own meeting. Sitting, or ... Read More »

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