The Liberty year is ending on a high! However, we praise the Lord continually, whether we experience highs or lows. The room was full, with usual chatter and laughter. Cliff and Sue were not the first to arrive for once – Coltishall bridge was closed, so detours for those from the east. And Shirlene and daughter Sam, kindly chauffeured by Rovi, before continuing to London for Christmas. Welcome especially to Sam and Rovi, and to Marcus and Lesley.

Someone said they were sure there were 1,000 voices praising and worshipping! Angels? So loud – then silence – then a tongue, an interpretation, a word of encouragement, a testimony of someone leading another to the Lord, a poem composed for Christmas….

Shirlene led us in breaking bread,

and then Marcus spoke. Jesus came at the perfect time (Gal.4:4) as promised by the Father. What has God promised you? What is your destiny? Are you waiting? Don’t give up. Marcus spoke about peace – with God, and in our lives. Peace with God is forever, regardless of all else. Then he went into prophetic mode with much anointing and words of encouragement for Liberty. 

Finally a time of prayer, and we prayed for Marcus and Lesley.

Wendy had roasted 3 turkeys, and more vegetables and trimmings than I knew existed!

What a party. What a drive full of cars! What a truly blessed time of Presence, of celebration, of joy, of fellowship, of fun, of Church.

Next Sunday is Christmas Day, and anyone coming along at 10.30am will find us with family, worshipping, with carols, readings, prayer, etc. All welcome.

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