It was so good to have Shirlene back with us, and with her sight greatly improved. Barry H had been to visit Malcolm, and found him doing a little gardening, and quite upbeat. Likewise, Wendy S was in  good spirits following her surgery on Monday, and Billy is coping in the kitchen! Later in the meeting, we prayed for those who were unable to be with us.

I am getting rusty on guitar, and I wonder if Bob left his at home on purpose. Anyway, we had a time of praise and worship, and there was testimony and prayer.

Bob shared a word of knowledge for a person who was finding many issues challenging and distracting. The issues were pictured as relentless waves of the sea, and by fire. They were to stand firm on the unchanging word of God.

Thank you to Cliff for leading us in breaking bread together.

Barry H spoke from Romans 1, where we read that the just live by faith. We have faith in God, and we also live according to that faith, in a godly manner.

We looked briefly at governments and elections. In Daniel 2, we find Nebuchadnezzar having a vision of a great statue. This was probably around the year 600 BC.

The interpretation, given through Daniel, was that the head of gold represented Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonian empire. However, the Lord would bring in other empires to replace the Babylonian – Medo-Persian, Greek and Roman. During the days of the Roman Empire, there would be a Rock, who would bring in a kingdom that would replace all human empires.

One needs to note from this that the Lord is the one who determines and brings in world rulers. This is stated clearly in Romans 13:1. However, in 1 Cor.3:9, we are called co-labourers together with Christ, and so perhaps he would have us cast a vote! But this is something to pray about, rather than do automatically, And who for? Try not to be prejudiced, and pray with an open heart.

Next Sunday, David Adams will be speaking. There will be a Liberty lunch for all to enjoy. Wendy L will be in Spain, but assures us she will have it, and Barrie, well prepared.

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