Living Water

I thought this morning was an amazing time of knowing the Lord’s presence amongst us. Like so often!

Wendy and I are reading through John’s gospel together. The other day we read in chapter 4 that Jesus offered living water to the woman at the well, and in  chapter 7, that living water is offered to everyone. Yesterday, in my own readings, I read Revelation 22, where a river of living water flows through the city of God, and this morning, opening my Bible at random, found Proverbs 21:1, where I read of a stream of water from the king, directed by the Lord. So it just had to be a great meeting, and as we praised and worshipped the Lord, the living water flowed, as the Lord spoke to us through tongues, interpretation, scripture, prayer, and through our speaker, David Adams.

He spoke from Genesis 37, where the story of Joseph commences. A man with faults, just like us,  but chosen by God, and moulded by the providence of God, until his destiny was realised. Likewise for us, if we will submit to the Lord in all he brings into our lives.

God will use anybody to mould us, both good and bad, and challenging experiences. We cannot demand things from God, because he may be using the present circumstances to prepare us for something bigger, and he will bring us to our destiny whenever he chooses. We should submit to the circumstances he brings to us, and not look back at the end of life, and regret that we missed our opportunity to really be used by him.

Wendy had prepared a wonderful lunch for everyone before flying to Spain with her daughter in the early hours. It was good to have Bob, from Westwick, and Clare, from Garvestone, with us for the first time.

Our next meeting is next Sunday in Frettenham, same place, same time.

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