How is your heart?

Thank you to Jonathan and Paige for joining us, and for Paige speaking. Great to have Mike and Gill from Cornwall, Jilly and Alan, and Nick with us. Welcome to Wendy (a third Wendy) joining us for the first time. And most regulars, meaning a room full, whilst Shirlene, Emma and Craig meant to come, until… car problems!

Great praise and worship. We asked Mike to share a vision he had experienced earlier in the week, worshipping with Barrie and Wendy one evening. A bright light surrounded by darkness. Later it developed. A tunnel (light) through a mountain (black). Isaiah 35 had come to mind. A way through the wilderness.

Wendy L led communion. Paige said how ‘How are you?’ is used as a greeting. Italian can be a quest for information. In some countries, people ask ‘How is your heart?’

Our heart has many things hidden. Dreams, fears, joy, sadness, etc. The storm on the lake reveals the disciples’ fear causing them to call to Jesus. It is easy to forget Jesus when fear comes. We need to practise coming to Jesus with the things in our heart.

The dining room was quite full for lunch! Thank you Wendy L. 

We meet in Frettenham next Sunday.

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