The Vine

There is always such a buzz as we come together on Sunday mornings, with people moving around and catching up on each other’s news. And then there is praise, often precede by testimony.

Michelle had asked us to pray for a family situation the previous week, and we not only prayed during the Sunday meeting, but also fervently and powerfully at the prayer meeting on Thursday. The person prayed for was not made homeless, as had seemed likely, and everything was now looking more promising. And so we turned to praise, with new songbooks printed during the week.

Maybe everybody brought something to the meeting, and with quite a few away, there was prayer for those with sickness, or family situations that needed to be resolved. 

Barry H spoke from Song of Song, initially, and then moved on to John 15. His subject was the vine – we need to take responsibility for our walk with the Lord, and the way we serve Him. Dead wood will be removed, and even fruitfulness can result in pruning – for increased fruitfulness!

We broke bread together, and remembered Calvary, and all it means to us.

We meet Thursday in Catfield for prayer, and next Sunday in Frettenham for praise, worship  and primarily, to meet with our God.

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