Songs of Ascents!

The weather forecast was for light cloud and dry, and so we prepared to meet outside. Around a dozen people came, and the sun shone. Wendy distributed hats for protection for those who wanted them.

Always good to have Bob leading worship. A lovely testimony from Malcolm.

Last week I was going to look at psalm 120, but never got past a general introduction to psalms. So we looked at psalm 120 this week.

Psalms 120 to 134 are called the songs of ascents. Maybe these 15 psalms were sung as processions went up 15 steps from the outer court of the temple to the inner court. They start with a man feeling far from God, and in a hostile place, and ascend to psalm 134, where he is lost in praise and in God.

Was his prayer in verse 1 answered? The Hebrew is unclear (regardless of some translations). Sometimes I feel far from God and in a hostile place. Sometimes my prayers are not answered immediately. Like the Canaanite woman, in Matthew 15, who persisted in worship and prayer. We can learn from her, and from the psalmist. 

I do not speak every week, but will continue through the songs of ascents when no-one else has a word, or if I feel strongly to speak.

Thank you to Malcolm for leading communion, and for those asking for prayer, or praying with those who did.

Weather permitting, we meet in Frettenham next Sunday. Thenafter, restrictions should be lifted. There are people who have made enquiries about coming here on Sundays. Some may not come, but from 25th, we shall let them know they are welcome.

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