It is always so good to meet up with those who fellowship with us at home on Sundays. The core of believers is small, though others come along, some frequently, some occasionally, and some are one-offs. Wendy and I try to model commitment.

How good that there have been some gathering on Sundays in our absence. We consider that an answer to prayer.

This morning there were those who were away, some celebrating a birthday, at least one asking for strength because of past illness…. Wendy and I were over 20 hours travelling back from New Zealand last Sunday, tackled 5 weeks of accumulated mail, attended my mother’s funeral, and have hosted family and friends staying here since – and through until the week after next. As I said, we try to model commitment, and it takes a lot to keep us from church on Sunday!

So great to have Billy and Wendy back from the USA, and to catch up with Shirlene, Barry, Stephanie and Tim. We welcomed Naomi with Emina, Mirna Jasna and Nada. We thank everyone for sharing, Shirlene for leading break bread, words from Barry, a song from Stephanie, and prayer and laying on hands for those requesting it.

Next week we meet same place, same time, and we will have Paul and Jeannie Poulton with us. Their most recent album is HEAVEN. They will lead worship and bring us the word.

All welcome, and to stay to lunch.

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