Prayer – and anointing!

I love the people of God. I once told a friend  that my greatest joys, AND my greatest griefs, were in the Church. “Of course,” he replied. “That’s because we are family.”

For Wendy and myself (Barrie), life has been a little unsettling recently, with church, businessmen and family issues needing to be addressed. So how lovely when people email or phone, and say they are concerned for us, and have been praying. What a Father, Who calls His children to pray for one another.

And from another brother, a message that he had been seeking the Lord for a word for us, and of a vision he had received, and part interpretation. And then a couple we had not met before (a pastor and his wife) who had coffee with us, and spoke words of encouragement, with invitation to meet up again.

As I just wrote – I love the people of God.

Sunday morning was hardly overcrowded! But I had spent some time earlier in prayer, and felt absolutely elated at the faithfulness of God to me over so many years, and through so many ups and downs of life. I had to sing and bounce – and everyone else seemed to catch it. Anne had a word concerning restoration, and Shirlene followed with one of the most anointed words I have heard for a while.

Thank you to Tim for praying for us all, and to Barry for leading us in communion. Lunch was again a good time of fun, fellowship and laughter.

Wendy and I will be at home every Sunday until well into May, and we will meet next Sunday, same time, same place. All welcome.

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