Praise, Teaching, Testimony!

Visitors in the form of family (including 4 granddaughters), and so good to have Billy and Wendy with us. And several others!

Thank you to Bob for leading worship, with laughter and dance, as well as reverence and fear. Thank you to Connie for sharing how she had prayed for healing for a lady on a supermarket checkout, and how her granddaughter has noticed answered prayer when with Connie.

Thank you to Barry H for speaking from Genesis 45, and testimonies from Hollybush. Thank you to Cliff for leading communion, and Malcolm for great words of encouragement. 

We spent time praying for Billy and Wendy, and for those absent, especially Shirlene, Sue P, Michelle and Mark, and John A.

Our next meeting is in Frettenham next Sunday morning. All welcome.

Visiting speakers scheduled –

28th August. Balázs Kovács (to be confirmed)

18th September. Jonathan and Paige Squirrell

9th October. Marcus Philpott.

Regional meetings – 1st October (Binham) and 12th November (Fakenham).

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