Friday , 23 February 2024


Tim and Ann have been part of our fellowship for around 6 months, and we have enjoyed seeing Tim grow, leading us in breaking bread and generally launching out. And suddenly, he is in a coma on life-support, in France whilst on holiday. I am praying every hour, and they are continually on our minds.

Although this situation overshadows us, we are also overshadowed by the Spirit of God, Who hovers over us, protecting and blessing. In Him, there is victory.

But the Spirit came upon us, and we sang, praised, worshiped, in English and in heavenly languages. There were gifts of the Holy Spirit, and prayer with laying on of hands for others who were sick. It was so good to have Richard with us.

We enjoyed fun and laughter over lunch, and look forward to meetings no again next Sunday, 9th September at 10.15am for 10.30am. All welcome.

Please continue to pray for Tim and Ann.

P.S. (This morning – Monday 3rd September – I have just heard that Tim’s blood oxygen level has increased for the first time since he was admitted to hospital).

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