NT Church?

A message in tongues, an interpretation, praying for the sick with the laying on of hands, singing in the spirit, yesterday, and most Sundays and at other meetings. This is what we read of the Church in the Bible in Acts and some of Paul’s letters. So why is that come churches never ever have these? But we also had praise, worship, Bible teaching, communion, testimony, prayer…..

Why are some churches continually asking for, and receiving, offerings to continue ‘services’ which are quite different to the churches we read of in the word of God? And how blessed we are to enjoy the presence and manifestations of the Spirit of God.

Thank you to those who filled the room, and contributed  into the meeting. How good to have Shirlene back with us. Thank you to Bob, Billy, Barry H, Cliff, Michelle, Wendy L and all others who spoke or contributed.

Next Sunday – same place, same time.

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