Looking Back, Looking Forwards!

Once again, and for the first time in a few weeks, the room was full. After a time of praise, Tim led us into 2 minutes silence, looking back and honouring those who lost their lives in the 2 world wars.

He then moved on to lead us in remembering the Lord Jesus, and His life given at Calvary, as we broke bread.

There was testimony and prayer, and Barry H shared some of his experiences on his recent 500 mile pilgrimage over the Pyrenees.

As so often in the life of a Christian, a disappointment is followed by something better than originally anticipated. Barry and Sue often found a hostel was full, but were then offered better accommodation elsewhere. So we look forward, to better and better surprises from the Lord.

There was the usual fellowship and laughter round the lunch table. Our next meeting is in Frettenham, same time, same place next Sunday, 17th November. 

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