God Controls the Weather!

Our God controls the weather! He uses it for judgement – Noah’s flood, hail plague in Egypt, etc. and also will in the end times as per Revelation. And he uses it to bless, calming the storm on Galilee, saving the U.K. from the armada and at Dunkirk, and at other times. Several times this year Wendy and I have walked several miles, and just as we got back to the car….. it chucked it down. The cynics and sceptics say coincidence, coincidence, coincidence, coincidence….. well, they have to, I suppose.

The forecast today was mixed. So I arranged chairs on the patio. At 10.15am it rained, so we brought them in. At 10.30am it stopped, and so we took them out, praised, worshipped, broke bread, prayed, looked at the word….. Then, after tea,coffee and Danish pastries on the lawn, we came in and it chucked it down. Coincidence!!! 

We socially distance on the patio, and although a number of new people have come, we are well under 30. So good to have Sam with us this morning, and Maria, who travelled some distance from her new home.

Thank you Tim for leading us in breaking bread together, and Malcolm for encouraging testimony and prayers.

We looked at walking in the light. We live in a world of darkness, but God’s word has always brought light, and Jesus is THE LIGHT. He brings us into light, so we can see what we never saw before.

His word is a light for us. We considered 3 ways of reading the Bible. Like any other book, in order to get familiar with it and to see the big picture. Secondly, to study subjects and characters and books in order to understand.

But thirdly, and essentially, prayerfully to feed on it. We need to HEAR the Spirit. Faith does not come by reading, but by hearing. Rom.10:17. And without such faith, as defined in Heb.11:1, we cannot please God as per Heb.11:6. So we seek to hear the Lord and please Him and honour Him this week, and every week.

Thank you Wendy for coffee and tea and yummy Danish pastries.

Next meeting is at Frettenham, usual time, usual place. More details from me, Barrie,on 07786 381344.

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