Greetings to all members of Liberty – and those who attend irregularly and occasionally. During lockdown, Wendy and I continue to worship at Crossways. Just like Sundays always were – but there are just two of us.

There are Zoom and live streaming meetings from so many churches, though the two of us here have our own meeting. Sitting, or standing in front of a screen, can be good and help you feel included in the One Church. The danger is that one does not really contribute much into the meeting.

At Liberty, we look to the Holy Spirit to lead us. In large churches, and small churches of the traditional type, it is easy to just sing and listen.

And put money in the offering, which is something you will NOT find us asking you for here.

1 Corinthians 14:26 says that at a meeting of church, each person should be potentially giving into that meeting. That is why we meet the way we do, and it brings about growth in individuals. So wherever you are, even if you are having a Zoom service, make sure you are keeping your relationship with Jesus alive. 

Here is a good test question for you – what is the Lord saying to you at this time, and what are you doing about it? (If you don’t know, you just might have a problem).

As soon as lockdown is lifted, we will be welcoming as many as wish to come, back into our times of meeting with the Lord.

Stay blessed. Stay healthy.

With our love,

Barrie and Wendy

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