Come, Holy Spirit!

Of course, we all know that God is everywhere. He created everywhere! And yet we ask Him to come into our meetings. Why? Because we want to encounter Him. To hear Him speak, to feel His touch, to be stirred and inspired by Him. So we ask, and He does not disappoint.

It was so good to have 20+ in the room. When we get to 30+, serious prayer for direction will be needed. And it was a joy as ever to have Jonathan and Paige Squirrell with us, as well as welcome first-timers Naz, from Rackheath, and John from Needham Market, with us.

Thank you to Bob for leading great praise and worship, for those moving out with tongue, interpretation, picture, etc. Thank you to Shirlene for leading us in breaking bread, and to Jonathan and Paige for teaching, and for praying for those asking for ministry.

We need to be a people of Word and Spirit. So read the Bible! Daily. If you find it difficult, ask one of us for tips that help. Spend time with the Lord. Know that you are different because of who He has made you. Be kind. Be a world changer. There was so much teaching and encouragement.

Thank you to Wendy for preparing lunch for the masses.

Our next meeting is Thursday at 13.45 at the Sanctuary in Catfield (phone Shirlene first), and next Sunday is at Catfield (phone Shirlene first). Back in Frettenham on Sunday 4th December.

We pray for Sue and Cliff. Sue is in pain, and has several health issues. We pray for Billy and Wendy still looking for a house, where they will fulfil their vision of a home with an open door. We pray for Kieran in Kent, coming out from a coma.

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