Blessed are the pacemakers?

We always miss Bob when he’s away. Me especially, as I stand in for him, leading worship, and praying I’ll get most of the chords right.

Bob has had a new pacemaker fitted, and will soon be driving again. ‘Blessed are the pacemakers?’ Well, the Lord certainly undertook for us in the absence of Bionic Bob! And we missed Sue, who was about to leave home, and became ill.

There was praise and worship, interspersed with prayers and testimony and words of encouragement. Cliff led us in breaking bread, after which we prayed for those sick, present or absent.

Thank you to Barry H for sharing from scripture, giving insight into David being a type of Christ, and Goliath being a type of Satan. I did not know that Goliath meant ‘the shining one’.

Almost everyone participated.

Tea, coffee, etc. concluded our time together.

The prayer meeting in Catfield will be on Thursday this week. Our next worship meeting is next (Easter) Sunday, in Frettenham.

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