Baptised? Filled?

Most of us meet, looking primarily for an encounter with the Lord. He’s in all places at all times, but an encounter changes us, equips us, empowers us. Our meeting yesterday (2/6/24) seemed to me to be such a time.

Barry H spoke on ‘times of refreshing’ (Acts 3:19), emphasising how the Lord comes in waves of his Spirit to revive his people. We pray for such times.

Thank you to Bob for leading worship

and to Cliff for leading communion. There was a tongue, and an interpretation. The Lord would come to us like a stream, a river, with waterfalls, times of spiritual surge.

We looked at the baptism in the Holy Spirit. John the Baptist said Jesus would ‘baptise with the Spirit’. We see this at Pentecost (Acts 2), in Samaria (Acts 8), with Paul (Acts 9), with the household of Cornelius (Acts 10) and with certain Ephesian disciples (Acts 19).

We should not assume we have been empowered in this way. Being born again, and reading the Bible, praying, being kind, etc is not enough. We need to have been baptised with the Spirit, and to seek to be filled again and again and again and again and…. 

I (Barrie) was born again October 1965, but after a year or two, realised I had nothing like the power I read about in Acts. So I sought to be baptised in the Holy Spirit, praying, seeking daily, and after around 2 months, Whoosh! And that changed everything, including me! Let us be really serious about spending time with the Lord, being filled with his Spirit, and moving in the supernatural.

The meeting next Sunday is at Frettenham. It was scheduled for Catfield, but it is at FRETTENHAM. The following Sunday, 16th, will be at Catfield.

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