Back at Liberty!

Last week, Wendy and I were at a Scottish Reformed Presbyterian Church in the Hebrides. They sang psalms, seated and unaccompanied, and stood for a prayer. I was the only man not wearing a suit. Wendy was the only lady not wearing a hat. The sermon from their minister, Kenneth Stewart, was 45 minutes.

But – we were made to feel so included and welcome, and the preacher was anointed, powerful, with passion and clarity. And Donald MacDonald and his wife insisted we went home with them for lunch,  where we laughed together and prayed together. There is but ONE CHURCH.

But is was great to be at Liberty this morning. Lovely to have Alan and Jilly with us, and they led communion. Great praise and worship, a tongue, an interpretation, some testimonies, much prayer, words from several.

And then a buzz of conversation and laughter over tea, coffee, cakes, etc.

Next meeting is Thursday – prayer at Catfield 2pm.

Next Sunday – 10.30am Frettenham.

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